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A SOUND Investment

Music Investing for all.

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How it works

If you have ever wanted to invest in a part of culture, and capitalize on your "I found them first" - this is the place for you. Take a big step forward in growing your wealth.

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    Helping musicians

    Musicians typically won't see the majority of their streaming revenue. We're changing that.

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    Helping investors

    Investors have been screwed by the stock market for too long. We're changing that.

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    Helping rights holders

    We're building a new royalty system that will help rights holders get paid fairly while maintaining ownership.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work?

    Symphony is an SEC compliant exchange that allows investors to purchase shares of music royalty backed securities, in the form of Reg A securities that represent a passive interest in the revenue stream of music catalogs. - In other words, investors will be able to purchase a share of a music catalog, and are able to collect quarterly royalty payments in the form of dividends, or, trade the price action.

  • What is a Share?

  • How does this impact artists?

  • Where do the shares come from?

Have questions?

If you're a musician or rights holder looking for a multiple you haven't found. Reach out.

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Primary offering securities are offered through Templum Markets, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. All secondary securities transactions are affected by and through Templum Markets LLC, Member FINRA / SIPC and SEC-registered broker-dealer approved to operate an Alternative Trading System.